The Capsule

The Capsule

From the series of “The Search for immortality”

Material: stainless steel, carbon fibre, glass, wax, chrome, LED lights, compressor, glycerine

1100cm x 400cm x 170cm.

The artist worked on this piece for over a year, it was made for a newly built large building in Moscow city.

There was a great semantic load invested in the work. About birth and death, and that every living thing seeks to preserve itself for eternity. Nature itself has created everything living in a way that they live through their offspring and the genes that they have. But only humans can achieve spiritual immortality. In the near future technology can reach a certain point to where it can solve the mystery of death and can achieve physical immortality.

“We are now stood on the doorstep of the technological revolution, especially in genetic engineering and nanotechnology. How are these innovations are going to impact us? How would solving the mystery of physical immortality change our relationship with the value of life? We simply don’t know. We are heading into the great unknown, the more unknown ahead, the more it attracts us and entails us.”- What the artist commented.