Unus Safardiar was born in the ancient city Samarkand (Uzbekistan, USSR). From an early age he had a fascination with the arts. At the age of 13 he was enlisted in a boarding school for gifted children in Tashkent. He developed as an artist and grew to become one of the most prolific sculptors in the present day, he emended his technique at the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg.

He formed as an artist in Britain when he moved there in the early nineties and affirmed himself as a dynamic figure in the field of contemporary art. His art captures a very large spectrum of time and space, it's often challenging to comprehend the scale of his vision which is depicted in his art. Yet simultaneously, in his work, you can evoke your own personal expectations.

To call his art breath-taking would be an understatement; his pieces are a visual embodiment of the present challenges of this day and age. His art has no limit to what it could define.